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Different Types of Belt Conveyor and Their Uses

01st September 2020

Manufacturers and distributors relied heavily on human labor before the advent of belt conveyor. The manual handling of products placed worker safety and product quality in jeopardy. The simple system of rotating pulleys and belts streamlines product handling in every product-driven industry today.

The technology used in belt conveyor is much more sophisticated than the simple belt systems of the past. Companies choose modern belts based on the use case. For example, a woven metal belt would not handle precious stones or delicate products well. Product-handling companies that understand different types of belt conveyor and their uses can choose the safest and most efficient belt systems for their needs.

Belt conveyor fall into many categories, depending on the manufacturer. The application always dictates the materials, construction, and style of the belt used. Some are gentle enough to transport diamonds while others can handle the impact of routine bulk-steel handling.

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