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Carton Flow Rack Systems

15th September 2020

Carton flow rack systems are best for high-volume, fast-moving SKUs packaged in boxes or stored in bins, enhancing productivity in order-picking or assembly environments.

Eliminating steps is one of the best ways to improve warehouse efficiency, and these highly efficient carton flow rack systems bring the material directly to the picker or packer, ensuring a steady stream of the right materials. Gravity helps cartons or bins flow along a “bed” of rollers, wheels tracks or skate wheels.

Carton flow racks work well in a FIFO (First In, First Out) environment, since products flow from the replenish (feed) side to the discharge (pick) side of the rack.

An important component of supply chain agility and maximizing customer satisfaction is that you can easily reconfigure carton flow shelves as your business and product mix changes.

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