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Carton Flow Rack

06th April 2023

Carton flow rack is a storage system designed for high-density and high-throughput order picking and fulfillment operations. It is a type of gravity flow rack that uses inclined roller tracks or wheel beds to move cartons or cases from the loading end to the picking end of the system.

Carton flow rack is ideal for storing and organizing inventory that has a high turnover rate or needs to be picked and restocked frequently. It allows for first-in, first-out (FIFO) inventory management, which helps ensure that older products are picked before newer ones.

There are several advantages to using carton flow rack, including:

Improved efficiency: Carton flow rack helps improve the speed and accuracy of order picking operations, as workers can quickly and easily access the items they need.

Space savings: Carton flow rack is a high-density storage system, which means it can help save valuable floor space in a warehouse or distribution center.

Reduced labor costs: Because carton flow rack allows workers to easily access inventory, it can help reduce labor costs associated with order picking.

Reduced product damage: Carton flow rack helps reduce product damage by ensuring that items are handled gently and that heavier items are placed on lower levels of the system.