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Belt-Over-Straight Roller Conveyor

22nd July 2022


Straight roller conveyor is an independent conveyor line and is a very reliable and durable conveyor.

Typical applications for a straight roller conveyor could include; a die-cut stacker for indexing loads discharged, or prior to the strapping or banding operation. At these locations, operators can walk on the conveyor's smooth, solid surface. With this straight roller conveyor, the concern of an accident is dramatically diminished.

Features and Benefits

  • This is a very low maintenance device applying the most advanced safety designs and features.
  • The heavy gauge drums, belting, and components ensure long life of this product.
  • Uses precision laser cut parts for exact fit and function.
  • The smooth, positive drive, solid surface allows loads to be conveyed up or down grades that normal roller conveyor will not allow.
  • Surface gives the operators' a stable surface to stand on while working on the load preparation or dressing.