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Belt Conveyor Applications

28th September 2022

Belt conveyor systems are at work across many industries, including air travel, mining, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, food processing and more.

At an airport, a belt conveyor is the best way to process, sort, load and unload passenger luggage efficiently. The baggage carousel is a practical use of industrial belt conveyor that most people encounter in life — luggage is loaded onto the belt in a secure area and then swiftly delivered to the terminal where the passengers have access. The belt continuously passes through the loading area and circulates back around to the baggage reclaim area for efficient delivery.

For the pharmaceutical industry, belt conveyor systems transport cardboard boxes or palates full of medical supplies before and after packaging and distribution. In manufacturing and mining, enormous amounts of material are transported through tunnels, along roads and up steep slopes on belt conveyor. Durable belting material and good use of support rollers are necessary for belt conveyor systems in these industries.

For food processing, products go through their life cycle on a belt conveyor. Items can be spread, stamped, rolled, glazed, fried, sliced and powdered — all while rolling on the belt. Think of the hours of manpower that would otherwise be spent bringing each food item through every part of that process. With belt conveyor, goods move from start to finish in mass quantities while still retaining a uniform high quality.

Each industry has its own specifications and requirements for the type of belt conveyor they use. From shipyards and power plants to bakeries and ice cream plants, the belt conveyor is the go-to utility because of its simplicity and reliability.