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Application and advantages of double speed chain c

16th February 2023

The double speed chain conveyor line plays a vital role in the production development, and is widely used in the production and transportation of assembly line equipment. It can realize horizontal and inclined transportation in the transportation process. The double speed chain conveyor line equipped with elevator can also realize double and multi-layer transportation, and also greatly solve the problems of small space, production safety and labor saving in the transportation process. The product is transported from one station to the next through the double speed chain conveyor line, with high conveying efficiency and much faster than manual handling.

The multiple functional features and advantages of the multiple speed chain conveyor line are widely used in the industries of electronics and electrical appliances, hardware processing, etc. The double-speed chain assembly line uses special extruded aluminum alloy profiles as guide rails, so that the gravity conveying system has good stability and durability in the conveying process, and is suitable for large-scale continuous production of products. Greatly improve the production efficiency and reduce the production cost of the enterprise